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Panera Bread : An Experiment in Human Kindness

Panera Bread has rolled out a pilot program where customers can pay whatever you can afford for various store items from breads to salads.

I think this is a remarkable customer strategy and business strategy.

Although it is not the first company to come out with the concept of naming your own price, so to speak, I think it is unique in the sense that what they are doing is meaningful; that it can help make a difference in two regards:

1: The people who truly cant afford a meal, can get one, at whatever price they can afford

2: The customers who can afford the suggested price for a meal, just may decide to pay up for it, knowing that what they are doing will have a positive impact on others.

Whats more, is the concept of a company doing better and making a difference in their communities. My sense is that these pilot cafes will not only be successful, they will also be profitable. I believe this concept could help strengthen the Panera brand as well. The video is linked below.


Don Sedy 2010

  1. Elizabeth
    September 4, 2010 at 10:53 am

    Bravo to Panera Bread! Here is an example of a bigger business doing something right. However, I would still rather frequent a locally owned bistro/coffe shop/eatery. Just my two cents.

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