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Disruptive or Destructive Technology: The value in what you create; Part 1

Entrepreneurs and business have always used technology to innovate; to find Blue Ocean Strategy and develop new product or new services that can reshape society. Well know classical examples are the Model T from Ford that eliminated the good old Buggy Whip, and George Eastman, who s Kodak brought the camera to the masses in a time when only professionals took pictures.

These innovations in technology and process were truly Disruptive; meaning they were game changers; changing the way the people of that era worked, lived and played for the better.

In modern times we can look to a number of transforming and disruptive technologies. Currently, one that recently has my attention is whats going on with the modern book store; the disruptive technologies of the E-Readers.

The article entitled Get ready for the bookstore massacre, which discusses Barnes and Noble (BKS) and Borders Group (BGP), had got me thinking. When does a technology cause more Destruction than the value that it supposes to create?

So we have these E-Readers. You buy the E-reader device, You can now download a book and read it right on the mini-screen. You can save that book for all eternity, access whenever and wherever you like, save it and go back to it.  Ok so the book is on demand in an instant, just like downloading a song from I-Tunes to your I-Pod. Ok, I got it; faster.

What else of the experience can you say is important to you as the consumer? What other benefits do these technologies bring to:

1: The User Experience? and;

2: Society and Communities?

If the authors premise in the article above is that these national book chains could go out of business, than in what ways has/will this technology effect(ed) local jobs, local commercial real estate? How is the business model of the publishers changed? In what ways is the buying experience changed? How does this affect the brand of the business and your (as the consumer) interaction with it?

Are we all (business and consumer) better off because of the technology?

I would like explore these and other questions, in more detail in Part 2.

For now, two weeks ago I went through my book shelf at home, thumbing through some of the old titles bound  in leather and more modern best sellers. I settled on the 480 page The Vampire Lestat by Ann Rice. I originally bought this book some 8 years ago (In a book store) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I can say without hesitation, that 8 years on a shelf, the book actually got better! I finished it within 6 days.

The experience I had, the feel of the pages, feeling the text while reading the words, while simultaneously being immersed in the story, was for me, a better experience that no digital e-reader could compare with.

Don Sedy 2010

  1. Elizabeth
    September 4, 2010 at 10:48 am

    Personally, I collect books. I love the smell of an old book, the fresh smell of a brand new book, the weight of it, the varying colors of each book as they sit on a lovely bookshelf. They are like friends, each and every one of them and simply would not have the same lasting impact if they were saved on a computer somewhere in cyberspace.

    While I see the intruige of the e-book craze I cannot condone this technology if the end results mean that book stores will suffer and future generations may never know what it is like to carry around a heavy back pack loaded with real books – LOL!

    Furthermore, the most amazing part of being a “papar” book owner is that with proper care you can pass them down forever. Wouldn’t you love to read “Green Eggs and Ham” to your child one day knowing that it is the same exact book that your Mom and Dad read to you?

    I have a Bible that my father gave to my Grandmother for Christmas in 1964 sitting on her Oak bookshelf from 1954. My father’s thoguhtful words are written on the inside cover page. These items are ingrained in my memories; they give me a sense of peace and happiness to know that althought my “Nana Jo” has since passed away – a part of her still lives on right in my living room.

    Please tell me how any E-Book can do the same.

    In conclusion I would like to quote a line from a song by the Indigo Girls entitled “The Power of Two” and it goes something like this:

    “…….something new instead of something old. All you gotta do is scratch beneath the surface and it’s fools gold, …….fools gold,……….. fools gold”

    Fools Gold indeed!

  2. September 6, 2010 at 11:34 am

    Thanks for your excellent response Elizabeth. Stay tuned for Part 2 on this topic.

  3. December 4, 2010 at 6:22 pm


    Definitely gonna recommend this post to a few friends

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