business betterment and other awesome stuff

the Upper 90 is the part of the goal where the crossbar meets the sidebar; at a 90 degree angle. if you score and hit that part of the net, it is considered to be a pretty awesome shot.

Here is a great example of the awesomeness and hitting the Upper 90

in business and life, we all strive, in some way, to hit the Upper 90; not just putting the ball in the net, but doing it in a way in which others might say that was awesome OR that is simply awe-inspiring!

my purpose here is to help make your business better by discussing topics that are relevant and timely; by introducing you to some cool stuff and happenings from around the business world and sharing some of my business successes and failures with you.

we will bring you fresh ideas and showcase business leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers and doers who are making an impact on their communities.

we welcome your suggestions, participation and feedback!


don sedy

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